BARI has the natural characteristics of a vintage leather – soft, lovely and raw in its expression. It has been slightly buffed, to preserve as much of the grain as possible and still making it very soft, flexible and warm.

BARI is an exemplary choice for furniture where the emphasis is placed on the natural look of the leather, due to its expression, flexibility and play of colours and natural marks.

BARI is great for private home, but also for bars and hotels.

As BARI is a natural product, there are signs of a life lived, and you will see fat streaks, healed wounds, small insect bites and a rare burn mark in the leather.

*Notice that colours and grain are a guideline. There may be a colour and grain difference from the shown picture to the hide you receive, due to the variation in colour appearances on screens.

Approx. size: 4,5 m2.

Thickness: 0,9-1,1 mm

Raw material: New Zealand rawhides

Tanning: Chrome

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