BIZON is a classic corrected furniture leather with a discreet look.
It is a firm leather with a thickness that makes it enjoyable to work with, especially when upholstering larger surfaces.
The qualities of the surface - elegant, discreet and durable - all making it a good choice for furniture upholstery. Particularly those where leather needs to withstand a high level of wear and tear.
In short, BIZON is a leather that can be used for the majority of your projects, as its uniform surface simply gives a discreet and classic look.
The leather is chrome-tanned and produced without the use of PCP and CFC, which are harmful to the environment.

*Notice that colours and grain are a guideline. There may be a colour and grain difference from the shown picture to the hide you receive, due to the variation in colour appearances on screens.

Approx. size: 5,0 m2.

Thickness: 1,2-1,4 mm

Raw material: Oversea rawhides

Tanning: Chrome

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