IMPERIA is a new elegant aniline leather tanned with byproduct from corn, and a metal and chrome free leather. IMPERIA is produced in Italy, and the raw hides are Dutch and Italian bull hides, which are traceable and sustainable.

    The smooth and breathable surface of the leather makes IMPERIA unique.

    If you look for an exclusive leather with a high seating comfort and a leather with a low environmental impact IMPERIA is the perfect choice.

    IMPERIA is very suitable for upholstery of sofas and chairs, and for interiors for exclusive projects like bars, restaurants and shops.

    IMPERIA is offered in 6 beautiful, classic colours.


    Please note that natural marks from healed wounds, veins and insect bites contribute to the authentic expression of the leather.

    Colour and grain variations are possible due to the natural character of aniline leather.


    Technical specifications:

    Corn tanned (metal and chrome free) and produced without the use of PCP and CFC which are damaging to the environment.

    The leather complies with all limits and standards according to the REACH declaration and Code of Conduct.


    Average size per hide: 4.8 sqm.



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