NORFOLK is our belting leather in high quality, gorgeous colours, and is a very versatile leather.

The belting leather is very durable and develops the most delightful patina as the years goes by, telling the story of a well lived life.

NORFOLK inspires to a natural universe and to accommodate this NORFOLK comes in 5 colours: Dark brown, Hazelnut, Nature, Cognac and Black.

Belting leather is known as a bearing material being one of the only leathers that can be used as seating without further supporting materials.

NORFOLK is also good for backrests, shelf supporting, belts, bags and braided elements in general – the only limitation is your imagination.

The tanning process is developed with plant-based extracts and without chrome.

Our belting leather is made without PCP and AZO dye.


*Notice that colours and grain is a guideline. There may be a colour and grain difference from the shown picture to the hide you receive, due to the variation in colour appearances on screens.


Approx. size: 1,45 m2.

Thickness: 2,6-3,0 mm

Raw material: European rawhides

Tanning: Chrome free


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