Are you searching for an exudation of elegant English and classic style in your leather?
Then PISTA is the answer to your search.

PISTA is a beautiful polished pull-up leather that provides you with an overflow of opportunity to play with the expression of your final design.

The glossy expression creates an authentic, antique and exclusive look.
PISTA is very suitable for reupholstering older classic furniture, but also for furnishing restaurants and bar interiors.
The qualities of the leather come to play as you work with the leather – and who doesn’t love an opportunity to create a unique design?
PISTA is chrome tanned and manufactured without the use of PCP and CFC.

*Notice that colours and grain is a guideline. There may be a colour and grain difference from the shown picture to the hide you receive, due to the variation in colour appearances on screens.

Approx. size: 4,5 m2.

Thickness: 0,9-1,1 mm

Raw material: Oversea rawhides

Tanning: Chrome

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